Cutting Edge Conversation: Client Triggers with Mindy Schrager

  • Friday, December 09, 2022
  • 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Zoom


Cutting Edge Conversation: What Do You Do When Your Client Triggers You? with Mindy Schrager

December 9, 2022 |
4:30pm ET

CCEUs-1.5 Core Competencies 

To be in integrity and demonstrate excellence in collaboration with our clients, we need to hold a clear space during our coaching sessions.

Clients who trigger us can impact our ability to be present. The same is true if we can't understand their perspective or have advice running through our minds.

Join this discussion and share ways that you hold a clean coaching space even when triggered by your clients.


Mindy is an ICF PCC credentialed coach and systemic facilitator whose passion for transformational work grew out of her career success in building strong, well balanced teams, combined with a very powerful personal discovery journey. During her journey, she attended Debbie Ford’s life-changing Shadow Process workshop, as a first step in becoming an Integrative Coach. At the same time, she was introduced to the work of Systemic Family and Organizational Constellations as well as Voice Dialogue. All are focused on uncovering hidden patterns in the life and business experiences and the family lineage of her clients. Mindy loves to shine the light on hidden patterns and the root cause of dysfunction and help her clients create new pathways for growth. Connect with Mindy at

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