Our Partners

ICF-RAC partners offer our members additional opportunities to grow, learn and connect. Featuring discounted partner events and joint learning and social events, our partnerships are just one more way membership works for you! If you are interested in partnership, please contact us at admin@icfraleigh.com.


Equitable Coaching


Everyone deserves a Coach. Authenticship  is a national network of dedicated pro and low bono coaches committed to equalizing coaching opportunities for all. We believe that coaching should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their circumstances. Authenticship is the bridge between ICF-trained caches and the world of equitable coaching opportunities. We partner with ICF trained and /or credentialed coaches to offer pro bono and low bono coaching using a sliding scale to make it easier for everyone to benefit from coaching.

As as ICF Raleigh Area Chapter member you are invited to apply as an Authenticship Coach.


ATD Research Triangle Area is the leading professional association for

linking people, learning and performance.     



The ATD RTA Chapter’s mission is to meet the needs of training and development professionals from all segments of the field for professional development, leadership, networking, and fellowship, and to serve as a learning resource to our communities.

As an ICF-RAC Member you are invited to participate in all ATD Research Triangle Events


Igniting and inspiring Coaches and leaders over 30 years

Benefits to ICF-RAC coaches

  • 10% discount on all Coach U Core Programs
  • Complimentary access to our podcasts, webinars and live Summit Events.
  • Access to ICF certified training/curriculum to begin practices, advance from ACC to PCC and continue to evolve, grow and diversify their practice with additional program offerings for their clients.

For more information on our offerings for coaches go to coachu.com

Coach U graduates are recognized worldwide and are highly visible not just with their clients and within their organizations, but also within the coaching community. You will find Coach U graduates everywhere – in the media, leading organizations, and in their community.


To coach and empower America's veterans and their spouses/caregivers to achieve success at home, at work and in the community.

Coaching Specialties

  • Career Development
  • Executive / Leadership
  • Life and Relationships
  • Health and Wellness
  • Small Business Development

Coach Requirements

  • Certification from ICF authorized or accredited coaching program (or ICF credentials ACC/PCC/MCC)
  • 100 hours individual client coaching experience.
  • Minimum of one assignment of 12 hours time total per year.

To apply to be a SBT coach please go to https://www.standbesidethem.org/

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