Tell the World you are a Professional Coach

Since 1995, the International Coach Federation (ICF) has become a globally recognized organization focused on advancing the coaching profession by establishing and administering a set of standards for credentialing professional coaches.

Are you curious about your next development steps as a coach? Do you want support navigating the ICF Credentialing process? Or do you have a question about an existing upcoming credential application and you just need some accurate information from a reliable source? The membership development coordinator to help! The membership development coordinator brings intimate knowledge of both ICF Global Core Competencies and Ethical Standards to guide members YOU through all levels of credentialing and renewal processes. As this year’s membership development coordinator, S. Barton Cutter, PCC, CPCC brings a tangible passion for personal and professional development along with an in-depth knowledge of current ICF Credential requirements and application processes. Email him here to schedule a conversation about Credentialing!

Each credential requires a specific set of required hours of:

Coach-specific training
Mentor coaching
Coaching experience

Credential Paths

ICF offers three credentials: Associate, Professional and Master Certified Coach.


 Associate Certified Coach

 Professional Certified Coach

 Master Certified Coach

60+ Hours Training to Apply

125+ Hours Training to Apply

200+ Hours Training to Apply 

100+ Coaching Hours Experience 

500+ Coaching Hours Experience 

2500+ Coaching Hours Experience 

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The details regarding the required hours and Application for Credentialing will be found through the ICF credentialing page.

ICF-RAC can help member coaches find mentor coaches in the area.  Please use the internal directory accessible to members of the chapter. There is a filter at the top to help you find a mentor for the level you aspire to achieve.

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