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I hold a Doctor of Science (Sc. D) in Ocean Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science (B. S.) in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. I’ve worked at NASA. I am a life-long learner trained at strong institutions. On top of being a Ph.D. in STEM, I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I am a card-carrying member of the squeezed generation – with demands on both sides of the timeline. I have tried to “have it all” and find “work-life balance” and I have failed spectacularly. Along with my successes, these struggles and failures define who I am as much as my academic CV.

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I am a career coach that helps Women with STEM PhDs find their power to bring more Success, Time, Energy and Meaning into their STEM careers.

Why work with me as your coach? I have over 15 years of experience working as a woman with a STEM PhD inside higher education as a researcher.

I understand that work in our field and at our level demands as much as we will give it, and that we tend to give it everything. It is what we signed up for, isn't it?

I understand that we can feel like the chips are stacked against us in terms of advancement and career satisfaction.

And, I understand that when we hit that point that we can feel stuck. Unhappy with the current state of our careers but at a real loss as to whether we have any options in front of us.

I am an example that it is possible to find Success, Time, Energy and Meaning in our STEM careers. I continue to work as a STEM PhD, and I enjoy it. I became a coach to help others create this for themselves.
Coaching Philosophy
My practice is client driven. We will work together to determine the root causes stoping you from enjoying the career you worked so hard to earn through conversations, any necessary assessments (MBTI, Character Strengths, or Hogan available) and reflection.

I truly believe that with reflection, we can develop awareness and with awareness we can act with intention.

And once we can act with intention, as women with STEM PhDs, there's no stopping us!
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