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Lantern Light Workshop LLC offers: Ministry to Coaches and Related Professional 

Hello, I am Richard Kurth, a professional coach, and co-founder of Lantern Light Workshop LLC.

All of us have been shaken to one degree or another in the past several years. This includes credentialed professionals and experts as much as anybody else. We have found ourselves thinking about the future in different ways and with more urgency than we had before. What is the future telling us?

Many have called this the Great Shift. Now, many are feeling the need for a Great Turn and many have already made decisive turns, learning as they go.

Call it a time of open ended questions, continuous experimentation, and a sense of needing to make a future.

The ministry I offer is to walk by your side with a perspective and worldview different from yours, to make suggestions and connections useful to making your way through the turbulence. To help you discern and design a surer way into the future.

We will work with coaching skills, imagination and creativity to try to reach a meeting of the minds on how you might best make your way.

NEW PRO BONO, LOW BONO Coaching Opportunity For Our Members...

As an effort to continue bringing opportunities to our members, our chapter is collaborating with an online market place called AUTHENTICSHIP to help coaches connect to "Low Bono/ Pro Bono" opportunities" to help individuals in communities who are unable to afford coaching at market rates.  

Message from the Co-Founders, Celeste and Ashley:

" We are coaches, committed to delivering coaching to underserved communities. Over the last year we have been working on creating a marketplace to extend access to coaching. We created this, to bridge the gap between underserved clients, and coaches (new and experienced) who want to give back to their communities. We believe there should be a solution for clients who don't have the financial means to afford coaching, as well as potentially not understanding how coaching can enrich their lives, and something for coaches who would like a safe and secure channel to connect with clients they can help. We would love to have you join our journey!"

You can sign up here, no financial obligation, view the company website, or contact Celeste Mayer and Ashley Gibson to learn more.

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