Why Become a Business Sponsor of the ICF Raleigh Area Chapter?

It is a win: win situation: a great opportunity to target coaches by featuring your school, business and/or product AND a great way to support the educational efforts of the ICF Raleigh-Area Chapter.

Partner with us to target over 250 professional coaches (of which 43% of our members are credentialed through ICF Global).  PLUS partners from the Association for Talent Development and the Triangle Organizational Development Network. Your presence as an ICF-RAC sponsor will help you stand out among the competition.

How are your sponsor dollars used?

In order to sustain our high standards and core competencies for members, each is required to obtain continuing education credits (not unlike other professionals such as CPAs).  Partner dollars go directly to sustaining our award winning continuing education programs. Would you like to continue to benefit from the work our coaches deliver? The win for your company is you’ll continue to have access to the best trained coaches in North Carolina by partnering with us. And we'll work closely with you to continue to contribute to the betterment of the community we serve and your organization.--part of our vision.   

Contact us for partnership opportunities.

What Kinds of Sponsorships Exist?

ICF-RAC has 3 primary areas of partnerships;

  • Sustaining
  • Education
  • Events

The tile banner partnerships for the home page may be changed up to once a month, and is located at the bottom of the home page and is rotated up to a maximum of 5 partners.

Chapter sponsor section is the located at the bottom of internal website pages and includes partner logos.

All can be customized based on your needs.  Contact us to learn how partnering with ICF-RAC can be beneficial for you and your business!

Contact us for sponsorship opportunities.

Benefits of Sponsoring with ICF Raleigh Area Chapter

  • The opportunity to work with some of the preeminent coaches in North Carolina.
  • Help shape organizational culture and yield discernible and measurable positive impacts.  
  • Learn more about how coaching can provide a positive shift in your organization.

What to expect:

How Coaching Works

Start the Conversation

Drive Meaningful Change

Unlock Your Potential

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